Services and Rates

  • Dog Sitting
    • Service includes up to 3 visits per day with walks, food and water, oral medication if needed, and, of course, pets, plays, and snuggles
    • Rates start at $35 per day for one dog
    • Overnight stays and boarding are not offered at this time
    • I’m happy to tailor the number and length of visits to meet your pup’s needs, so for services not outlined above, contact me for a quote at
  • Walks
    • Service includes a 20-minute walk, water change, food, and oral medication if needed
    • Rates start at $15 for one dog
    • Available hours for walks run from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm, so no matter your work schedule, I’ve got your pup covered
  • Cat Sitting
    • Each visit includes food, water change, litterbox cleaning and cuddles, scritches, and play time
    • Rates start at $20 per visit for one cat
  • Medication
    • Additional $5 (for non-oral medications; oral medication is included in our regular sitting fees)
    • Must be accompanied with a regular visit
  • Nail Trim
    • Additional $15
    • Must be accompanied with a regular visit
  • Exotics
    • I have more than fifteen years of experience caring for a variety of exotics and can tailor services to meet your critter’s needs.
    • Contact me at for rates

Payment is accepted in cash or through Venmo at Critters_Come_First.

Currently we serve midtown, downtown, and North Raleigh. Availability is limited and rates may increase outside of these areas.