Benefits of Mid-Day Walks

Why are mid-day walks so important for your pup?


At Critters Come First, we’re big believers in mid-day breaks for pups of all ages and sizes.  Just take a look at the benefits these mid-day walks offer for both you and your four-legged fuzzy best friend:

  • They give your pup a much-needed bathroom break in the middle of the day. Just think, could you go the entire work day without one?
  • They can help nip problem behaviors in the bud. A tired dog is a happy dog. Mid-day walks give your pup the chance to get out energy that otherwise could turn to anxiety or even destructive behaviors. We can even tailor walk lengths and speeds to meet your dog’s particular needs.
  • Older dogs can’t always hold it as long as they used to; mid-day walks make sure they don’t have to. We can also administer any meds your senior pup might need.
  • Walks can help shed extra pounds or keep your pup in tip-top shape. A trim dog is a healthy dog. Just like us, a sedentary life for your four-legged friend can lead to weight gain and even obesity. If needed, we can even work out a fitness plan to get your pooch back down to a healthy weight.
  • Crated dogs get a chance to stretch their legs. Crates should be your dog’s refuge and getting a break in the middle of a long work day helps make sure it remains a safe haven instead of an unhappy place in your pup’s eyes.
  • Walks can help reinforce housebreaking, especially for young or newly adopted pups.
  • Frequent potty breaks can help prevent certain medical issues like urinary tract infections (UTIs) and other related problems. Female dogs are particularly susceptible, so midday walks can save both you and your pup costly and uncomfortable vet visits.
  • With regularly-scheduled mid-day walks, you know your pup’s in good hands. This means no more rushing home during your lunch break or right after work to check on your pet. If you have exciting evening plans, you can rest easy knowing we’ll get your pup walked, fed, and well taken care of.

Mid-day walk times can be adjusted to fit your schedule, including specific days as well as morning or evening walk times. Each visit includes a 20-minute walk with a water change and feeding if necessary and, of course, lots of pets and TLC!

Contact us today to schedule a consultation to see how we can best fit your pup’s needs!